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When thinking about your child developing self awareness skills, you might get bogged down with the complexity of the concept. It can be as basic as being aware of their body and body parts, or as advanced as understanding that they are individuals and their thoughts, behaviors, and actions are all a result of being "them."

These five resources not only touch on different topics, but are also the best apps to promote self awareness in toddlers.

Apps that talk about what other children like, such as I Like Books, help children identify with their peers and create opportunities to discover their own preferences.

Reading and interacting with enhanced ebooks such as Where do Balloons Go, provide additional exposure to exploring feelings and emotions. This helps give our children the language they need to describe their own!

What better way to become aware of yourself as an individual than to express yourself with drawings? With Doodlecast, your children will not only draw to express themselves, but also practice putting words and language to these drawings.

Perhaps they will use the new language they have learned from the clean, simple photographs in the flashcard app, My First 1,000 Words.

Most exciting of all will be when their confidence and creativity collide in Puppet Pals as they create, direct, star in, and record their own productions.

Finding ways to use mobile technology to provide opportunities for our children to relate to others, understand what makes them unique, and encourage positive ways of expressing emotions and feelings just got a whole lot easier with these five apps!

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