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Learning about animals, their living habits, and habitats is fun with this app!
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Children have fun planting and growing crops as they learn about life cycles
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Explore dinosaur facts, learn body parts of the dinos, and have fun with dino puzzles
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This is a fabulous app with zoo animal information, photos, videos, and live cams

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Life Science in early childhood grades focuses on the characteristics of living things, their basic needs, and predictable patterns in which living things develop. Students use their senses to gain information about living things. They observe and explore the natural process of growing, changing, and adapting to an environment. As part of this, students begin to learn the life cycle and can predict different stages or patterns related to the life cycle.

Additionally, students learn that living things need food, water, and air as well as about the importance of sunlight to plant growth. Finally, students begin to record and graph information relevant to these aspects of life science as they observe, learn, and explore. The apps in this collection focus on the key concepts of life science that are important to develop in young children, and are far and away the best you will find in this category.

Children love learning about animals of all kinds. Whether it is animals in their environment, animals at the zoo, or animals of the past such as dinosaurs, there is an inherent interest in learning more about them. Here we recommend Animals! Life sciences educational games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten, Pocket Zoo with Live Animal Cams, and Dinosaurs - A Montessori Approach to Paleontology HD.

Young children also like to grow things…plants of all kinds. There is wonder in the ability of a very small seed growing into a full-sized plant that produces fruits and vegetables. Virtual gardening is an exciting and engaging activity in which they learn many of the key life science concepts for early childhood development. For this, you'll have a very happy camper after downloading Happy Little Farmer.

Finally, Ansel & Clair's Adventures in Africa is an absolutely amazing app that will capture and engage students for long periods of time as they explore three locales in on the great continent. During their magical journey in this app, students learn lots of information on the science, geography, and history of Africa, and they take photos that are then placed in their travel log. This truly is one of the best apps we have reviewed in this series and absolutely an all-time favorite!

As young children grow and explore the world around them, these life science apps will help teach and motivate them as they engage in the wonder of the many scientific aspects of life and living organisms, both plants and animals.

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