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Very young childen learn about both physical and life concepts in a fun way

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As young children in the early childhood stages of learning and education learn more about their world, they begin to use skills of observation, classification, identification of characteristics and properties, and cause and effect. As they observe the world around them and "how things work," young children make connections that are fundamental to their cognitive growth. Critical thinking is utilized as they make these observations and connections, and creative exploration is expressed through both structured activities and play. The world truly is a magical place, and young children start to make sense of it through their understanding of physical science concepts.

There are very few physical science apps for this age group worth considering. The best promote important skills that are utilized as students learn through the activities in the apps. This includes problem solving skills, analyzing, categorizing, and recording information in a variety of ways. Much of the content in these apps is focused on real–world connections, which is of great benefit for transferring the abstract to the concrete.

Many of the apps in the early childhood science categories actually blend the different sciences together. Some have activities that focus on life science, earth science, and physical science, all in one app. This is certainly the case with GazziliScience.

Although weather can be classified as earth science, many of the skills and information that are included in the weather apps can also be categorized as physical science skills, thus some weather apps are included in this section. We recommend checking out Kid Weather and Seasons and Weather! Fun science educational games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten.

Finally, engaging videos with information and related activities motivate students as they learn key information through media–rich apps. With resources such as BrainPop Jr., students can learn new information on pertinent topics every week and engage in related activities. BrainPop Jr. Movie of the Week is a great place to start.

Because of this overlap, we recommend looking through all of the different science categories when looking for early childhood science apps.

As young children begin exploring physics concepts, building with blocks and different objects is the beginning of their basic physics knowledge, teaching an understanding of the relationships between activities that cause consequences. The cause and effect relationships experienced in everyday experiences can also be explored through relevant apps, then applied in their real world. Pettson's Inventions Lite does this in a very engaging way.

Young children will enjoy the apps in this collection as they explore and learn more about the world in which they live. The wonders of science are engaging and captivating for students of all ages, and especially for the very young.

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