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Colorful app with an easy-to-use interface for learning early math concepts

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At the early childhood levels, measurement lessons are focused on general concepts, such as describing, comparing, and classifying. Apps that are suitable for teaching measurement at this level encourage students to find which object is bigger, which container holds less, or which person is heavier. As students become more familiar with these ideas, they begin to understand more complex measurement concepts, such as units and measurement tools (rulers, scales, etc.).

Time telling is a challenging skill for youngsters to master. Fortunately, it is one area where app developers have devoted considerable efforts. A wide range of apps teach young students the parts of clocks, how to read a clock, analog versus digital time, and more. The iPad is perfectly suited to learning how to use a clock, as it's touch capacity lets students manipulate virtual timepieces in endless ways.

Be warned, however, that there are many novelty apps in this category that don't really "teach" anything and are a waste of time and money. The ones detailed here are the best of the bunch.

One of the best math apps for early childhood is, not coincidentally, one of the priciest in the category. At $9.99, 1st Grade Math: Splash Math is comparatively expensive, but also one of the most complete educational apps for young learners (preschool through early elementary school) on the market. Its assessment and teacher/parent reporting tools are outstanding, so don't be completely dissuaded by the price tag. A free preview with limited access and features is available for those wanting to try the app first.

Jungle Time and Interactive Telling Time are excellent examples of apps for teaching time telling skills. Both are fun, colorful and include a variety of activities, languages, and assessment tracking. Each is rich in humorous sounds, support multiple languages, and feature an easily mastered user interface.

Measurement HD and Visual Math Level 1 offer fewer features, but that might make them even more perfectly suited for young learners. Both are suitable for introducing topics of measurement and time (Visual Math does both), but are less likely to be used time and time again, as mastery will likely occur much more quickly than with the other apps mentioned.

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