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This app teaches young children classification and ordering in a fun and engaging way.
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Students take a fun train trip as they practicing sorting and patterning
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Figure out where different items go in this informative categorization app
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Completing patterns of different objects teaches patterning skills and engages young students.
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This is a great math app full of activities for young children.

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Classification and patterning are important skills developed in early childhood. In education standards for measurement and data and geometry, analyzing, comparing and sorting objects are important components of math standards for young children. In the area of operations and algebraic thinking, understanding simple patterns is a key skill for early childhood as well.

The apps in this collection provide a variety of activities to support the acquisition and reinforcement of those skills. They are superior to any other app you will find that teaches classification and patterning skills to toddlers.

The apps listed below feature activities that focus on shapes, colors, numbers, letters, photos of real objects, and much more. Some of the apps in this collection have also proven to be very effective for children with learning disabilities such as autism, and the skill levels can be adjusted accordingly.

Preschoolers will learn how to categorize different items with the Where Do I Go? app. All of the directions are spoken to the children and the audio and visual support helps them work independently.

For pattern recognition, young children will have fun with Moofy, the caterpillar, in Moofy Recognizing Pattern Games as they build pattern sequences. Follow up with the Preschool Pattern Recognition Game for a higher level of analytical thinking and reinforcement.

For a variety of math activities, young students will enjoy Park Math HD. Included in the variety of fun and engaging activities are patterning and sorting activities.

And, have students play the game Caboose—Learn Patterns and Sorting with Letters, Numbers, Shapes, and Colors as they help a train travel across the the U.S. or Europe, depending on the activity.

We think your preschool child or student will greatly enjoy the engaging activities these apps provide as they learn and have fun at the same time!

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