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Kindergarten math skills are taught in interactive games with counting, numbers and more
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Best app for teaching basic number value and the meaning of addition to young children
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For the PreK truck-lover needing to learn number value 0-10 and categorization by color.
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Early reader teaches counting, number value, and number words in a carnival setting
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Lulling PreK math game has quiet order and super simple gameplay with visual fun between rounds.

About the Apps


Kids love discovering the order of things as they learn to count and solve problems using emerging math skills. We love finding apps that inspire this process.

Guided play activities, both in the real world and in the digital world, can help children understand the quantities and properties of numbers in their world. The goal is to begin the foundations of rich mathematical thought, and avoid a learning style in which written numerals remain hollow, irrelevant symbols. No need for that with touchscreen apps!

Counting, exploring more/less, combining amounts (addition), and removing amounts(subtraction) enriches a young child’s developing number sense.

With many apps on this subject to choose from we selected five apps that vary in the following attributes: learning content, degree of difficulty, relationship to early reading, and consideration of where/when a child is when they want a calm, friendly exchange with numbers. We intentionally expand searches beyond math-only apps to infuse math learning into all types of thinking.

Motion Math: Hungry Fish is one of the best math apps around, getting especially high marks for using children’s intuition, curiosity, and desire to help as motivating factors. This free app teaches number value and early addition, but many of us soon purchase more levels that include subtraction and negative numbers.

Moose Math players will build their own town as they progress through fun games with counting, math bingo, numerical order and more.

Toy Store Delivery Truck for iPad is an example of the added value that comes when we select math apps relevant to the specific interests a young learner. This app will be especially beloved to those young kids who cannot get enough of big trucks. It is a very simple app about counting, categorizing by color attribute, and truck delivery of toys.

I Spy App is an example of ebooks that parents and teachers can find that mesh math thinking with literacy. If you love reading and counting with children, this is your book.

Lastly, we encourage parents and teachers to think about where your children are when they may need a bit of a break within their hectic schedules. A very simple app called Counting may not be for everyone, yet can be calming when young children need the occasional quiet, orderly spot in which to play with numbers.

Comments & Suggestions Have a suggestion for an educational app for this category you think we should feature? Let us know.

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