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Playful app for the early years encouraging imaginative play, verbal storytelling and book creation.
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Engaging drawing app that offers the beloved “Carl” to inspire speaking, listening, and artistry
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Farm animal app inspires listening, speaking and pre-reading in English, Spanish, or your voice
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Photography and audio recording app for all ages encourages observation and verbal description.
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Talking Carl & Gugl repeats your child's words and sounds to encourage speaking and interaction!

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It’s a beautiful moment when young children’s voices begin to shine in their home lives, early childhood classrooms, neighborhood parks, and even trips to grandma’s house.

We recommend a set of five speaking and listening apps that use the “tricks of the trade” found in many successful early childhood classrooms. They encompass a range of strategies and levels of sophistication not found in any one app. Interestingly, within this subject of speaking and listening, sometimes a child's perception of lower levels of sophistication helps propel her or him to take the initial risk needed to speak aloud.

Research confirms assumptions long held by teachers and parents alike: that there are deep correlations between longterm school success and early language skills. Encouraging children to speak, listen, think verbally, and express themselves through efficient language processing is integral to early childhood teaching, and it starts with word-play.

How many quiet students come to life at the drawing tables or block areas of their classrooms where the flow of language seems more effortless and integral to the creative process? Drawing With Carl is a clever app that places this beloved character on your child’s desktop, where Carl listens and interacts as children create.

A well prepared first grader begins the fundamentals of classroom Q & A long before attending school. The toddler with a parent who plays ask-and-answer games such as “what does the cow say," and a baby who plays “peekaboo” at home are getting a good start. Peekaboo Barn combines these two iconic formulas with unsurpassed success in English, Spanish, or in the voices of family members.

Fotobabble is used in many kindergarten classrooms as a fun tool for infusing speaking and listening into photo documentation of classroom creations, relationships, special events, and assignments. Try it at home, also.

Ah...the power of silliness to help shy ones interact with a bit more levity and spontaneity than is typical in their social style. An app called Talking Carl & Gugl offers this, without problematic levels of implied violence found in others in this genre, such as those that treat a player's gentle taps as if they were harsh punches or even gunfire.

We cannot forget the power of stuffed animals, toy cars, doll-play, interesting puzzle-work, and storybooks to get children talking. Don’t let the title Art Maker fool you. It is a varied, play-filled experience with video playback designed to encourage children to speak, record, and listen to their own imaginative ideas.

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