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Great starter app for drawing that also includes voice narration and mild animation
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Creatively turns simple drawings into cute animations.
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Children view works from Henri Matisse, Elizabeth Murray, and others to inspire their creations
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The most comprehensive drawing app available for the iPad
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Kids play around and create with virtual clay and no mess.

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The possibilities for teaching visual art skills and appreciation to elementary school students are limitless. The number of download-worthy apps available in this category is not. It’s not for a lack of trying.

There are scores of drawing and doodling apps that are adequate and appropriate to this age level. However, most of them have a common set of attributes, and it is a waste of time and money to download more than the very best of the bunch.

Our favorite drawings apps for this age group are Draw & Tell HD (by all-star developer Duck Duck Moose) and Magic Doodles HD. Draw & Tell is an all-purpose coloring book that comes complete with dozens of crayons, colored pencils and other utensils. It is very simple to use and completed works can be shared with others on a secured basis. Magic Doodles is great for kids who are less confident in their artistic skills, and comes complete with preset templates and a mechanism that animates more than 25 different types of drawings.

Two more advanced apps that will engage older students are MoMA Art Lab and 123D Sculpt. In addition to providing a unique set of creative tools, MoMA Art Lab showcases the works of Henri Matisse, Elizabeth Murray and others, so kids can appreciate great art, and within the application apply those influences to their own work. 123D Sculpt is an imperfect but highly ambitious app that deserves consideration for older elementary school students and beyond. It uses 3-D imaging technology to simulate the process of molding clay and creating physical pieces of artwork.

The most whimsical app aimed at elementary school students (and really kids of all ages) is Press Here: The App. Based on the bestselling picture book by Herve Tullet, Press Here features 15 colorful, unique, and inspiring art games that will provide several hours of fruitful enjoyment.

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