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Creating apps to teach elementary school students a foreign language is no easy task, and French is no exception.

While there are many prospective apps to choose from, the vast majority are extremely basic and have little appeal to children more than a few years removed from the toddler stage. General tutorial apps designed for all age groups can offer educational value to all age groups, but you want to make sure they don’t contain objectionable content or themes like flirting and dating not suitable to youngsters.

There is a very short list of apps that possess that je ne sais quoi that will engage and stimulate children (but not go overboard with the whole romance language thing). If you download only one app in this category, go with Learn French - MindSnacks. The vocabulary and grammar games in Learn French appeal to all elementary levels (and beyond), but also offer extensive assessment data for parents, teachers, and students.

The best starter app for younger children is French Baby Flash Cards, which offers a series of simple vocabulary quizzes covering words across multiple categories. Users hear how words are pronounced from a native speaker’s voice, and then apply that knowledge through multiple choice quizzes.

Penyo Pal presents Learning French Vocabulary, a richly-illustrated flashcard app that teaches vocabulary and phrases with a collection of episodes.The characters guide users along to recognize the vocabulary of each, spoken and written, to then see it complete a story.

The best “learn to speak French” app targeted to all age levels but appropriate for elementary school students is Learn French Free - Phrases & Vocabulary for Travel, Study & Live in France. We recommend Learn French Free to students who already possess a basic understanding of the language, since it introduces a number of useful conversational sentence structures and common replies.

Hello Hello Learn French - Vocabulary app's design is a mix of colorful backgrounds and real-life photography, which is a good approach for this age group that is on the fence, teetering between being a kid and a teen. Although there are not as many game-like features, it's an appropriate choice for supporting a novice level school curriculum.

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