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Showcases photos and factual information of whales, rhinos, and other endangered species
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Lightly animated electronic book that is customizable by age group
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Kids learn how flowers grow by planting and maintaining virtual gardens
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Plants and animals are showcased beautifully and kids drill down on particular interests
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Catchy songs and uneventful games are used to teach concepts like food chains and life cycles

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While there is an abundance of creative and beautifully designed life science and biology applications for older students and adults, there are only a select handful that have the proper mix of educational content and features that will appeal to elementary school students.

The aim of any science app targeted to young children is to inspire curiosity and motivate them to learn more about any particular subject. The best feature bright illustrations, entertaining videos, and sometimes novel games, and aren’t as focused on rigid tutorials and quizzes. In a perfect world, these apps should be compelling to both kindergartners and 5th graders alike.

This is certainly true of The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants. This highly informative E-book is fully customizable with separate sections appealing to all elementary school age groups. Each section intermixes humor and mild animation to liven up what ordinarily could be dry topics. We wish there were apps that covered additional life science topics with the same approach.

WWF Together, the official app from the World Wildlife Fund, has a mission beyond just educating elementary students. The app showcases animals that are most vulnerable to extinction and uses a 3-D interactive globe to pinpoint the location of their habitats. Along the way, children and their parents see breathtaking images of endangered pandas, marine turtles and polar bears, while learning their backstories as well as the efforts being deployed to protect them.

Students in younger grades will enjoy digging into Seed Cycle, which lets them grow virtual gardens. Kids learn the importance of sunlight, water, and pollination, and are fulfilled when they see their plants come into fruition. Life Science Through Photography is the best and most accessible reference app for this age group, and lets users drill down into specific subjects with the tap of an image.

Finally, we admire SciRave: Life Science Ages 7+ for its catchy soundtrack and ambition. We just wish the developers didn’t feel compelled to integrate a confusing and unnecessary game as part of the mix.

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