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Beautifully illustrated introduction to geometric concepts and rotational symmetry
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A series of clever games that associate arithmetic with measurement comparisons

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The vast majority of coin and money-based math games aren’t worth a penny, much less the 99 cents or more needed to download most of them.

Money and other measurement apps for elementary school students too often are tacky one-trick ponies that get old pretty quickly. Worse yet, some apps that have glossy designs and slick features also publish inaccurate results. If you don’t download wisely, your kids might be on the path to financial ruin before they even hit the 3rd grade.

The two best money games for elementary school students - Jungle Coins - learn coin math and Splash Money: Counting Coins and Bills - not only teach kids the value of currency, but also have them apply that knowledge through a series of creative challenges. Jungle Coins is catered toward younger children and includes separate games that focus on coin identification, counting and comparing sums of money and providing correct change.

The Counting Coins and Bills app in the Splash series of quality math and education titles (we recommend just about everything developed by StudyPad Inc.) is considerably more advanced. Kids deal with larger sums of money through a progression of basic word problems that are dressed up in cute imagery and a playful soundtrack. Parents and teachers can assess progress via report cards that are emailed to them weekly.

It's even more of a challenge to find meaningful measurement apps than it is to find money apps and games for the K-5 crowd. For younger elementary school students, we recommend My First Weighing Exercises HD. Not only is it a fun game to play, with three distinct modes, but the app also associates early arithmetic skills with measurement comparisons.

If you’re looking to introduce your kid to the metric system and more advanced measurement skills, we again recommend Splash-developed interactive workbooks. Splash offers distinct apps for each grade level. For teaching and testing measurement skills in particular, there is no need to spend $9.99 on each title. Download the free “lite” versions of the applications, and then spend 99 cents for the comprehensive “Measurement” chapters. You’ll know your kids will be ready for more challenging concepts in middle school once they have mastered 5th Grade Math: Splash Math Common Core Worksheets App for Kids (HD Lite).

While money and measurement apps for kids in general are pretty underwhelming, Symmetry Shuffle is an app worthy of its own category. Developed by Carstens Studios, the artistic geniuses behind Math Doodles, Symmetry Shuffle is an accessible (and dare we say delightful) introduction to geometric concepts. There are two distinct and beautifully illustrated games that revolve around rotational symmetry. Although they are simple enough for a five-year-old to pick up and play, you’ll learn how difficult they are to master when you find yourself playing them at 3 o’clock in the morning.

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  • alabamamama:

    do kids really need help learning about money - seems like they get it on their own

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