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Match the shadow on the wall to the one on the challenge picture by carefully rotating it.
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A great app for tangram puzzle lovers looking for a new challenge
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100 levels of shape puzzles, requiring you to rebuild a puzzle layer by layer
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Great app for practicing the geometric skills of sliding, flipping, and rotating

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While Spatial Reasoning is not a subject that you will find on most report cards, it is featured on many "I.Q." tests, which may or may not accurately reflect a person's intelligence. However, if you have ever had to decipher a map or try to figure out if you can fit one more suitcase in your car trunk for that long trip, you know that it certainly is a valuable skill to have in real life. It appears that there are many apps that claim to help you develop your spatial reasoning, but not all are educational.

The five apps featured in this category are all highly engaging, while also subtly educational. Your child will feel like he or she is merely playing a game, but will also be strengthening logic and spatial reasoning while using each app.

To teach how to look at objects from several perspectives, P.O.V. Spatial Reasoning Skills Development is the best app out there. For children who are fascinated with making hopping bunnies using your living room lamp and a blank wall, Shadow Move will definitely appeal to them.

Hue Shapes Free brings in the concept of layering pieces in order build the final puzzle. CrossFingers, on the other hand (pun intended), will require a little more physical dexterity than the previous three as you will have to actually move some of the pieces at the same time.

The final app, Symmetry Shuffle, actually involves a set of skills that are specifically targeted on many standardized tests - mentally flipping, rotating, and sliding shapes into the correct positions.

As someone who has been "spatially challenged" all of my life, I can recommend all of these apps with the high confidence that you will find them entertaining and surprisingly educational.

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