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A quiz based app to help students master seventh grade grammar
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A quiz based app assessing knowledge on a variety of 8th grade grammar subjects
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Grammar fundamentals through instruction, games, and quizzes.
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A collection of grammar music video lessons
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A fun matching game challenging students to identify parts of speech

About the Apps


In middle school, the demands of grammar naturally increase beyond what students were expected to know in the elementary years. They move from simple definitions and sentence parsing to understanding more complex sentence structure, advancing in their editing skills, and understanding the basics of style. In addition to learning grammar, students are expected to apply their knowledge to their writing. Grammar apps need to provide instruction, opportunity for practice as well as assessment.

There is not a wide array of apps available that address middle school grammar. However, the collection here allows students the opportunity to build their grammar knowledge.

Grammar Jammers is an excellent introduction to a variety of grammar concepts through original songs and animation. Learning songs is a great way to solidify concepts in students' minds.

Grammar App is the most comprehensive in this collection offering instruction, practice games and test. If you were going to buy only one app in the collection, this would be the one to choose.

Zombie Grammar Force works hard bridge the gap between grammar and fun, giving students the opportunity to practice parts of speech identification while also sinking pirate ships.

iTooch Grade 7 Language Arts and iTooch Grade 8 Language Arts will probably be the least fun, but the most vital of all the apps in this collection. The collection of quizzes across a huge number of grammar concepts and standards will give students, teachers and parents excellent feedback into the student's grammar proficiency.

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