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Many of the apps we feature are task, lesson, or goal-oriented. Others don’t focus on a skill at all, but allow for simple and creative exploration. While the "Creation" category can be perceived as open-ended, the five apps listed here are in a class of their own.

Learning new skills and concepts is wonderful, but it is when your child takes that new information and creates something original that real learning has taken place. These five apps don't require any matching, sorting or identifying. Rather, they require the user, your young genius, to make creative decisions about making something! Kids love to make things, even on iPads!

Use PolyFrame to take pictures of objects with similar attributes. You might say to your child “can you find three blue toys?” Children get excited about using the recording features on the iPad and can help you to assemble a collage of similar images.

If creating image collages with PolyFram is exciting to your child, they will just love PicPlayPost. While they look similar, you can add short video clips to PicPlayPost making an even richer learning experience.

As I’m sure you have discovered with the thousands of pictures stored on your camera roll, children love to, and are able to take great pictures. Why not put those pictures to good use with Animoto. Animoto allows you to select 12 images and short video clips to create a short 30-second professional looking video.

Take your youngsters learning to the next level with [StoryKit]( This app really encourages children to become the author, illustrator, photographer, and narrator of their very own eBook.

Have you ever gone into a great craft store and lingered in the fancy paper isle or wished you could buy one of every paint, marker or colored pencil? DrawingPad will be much easier on the wallet and allow for hours of inspired creativity with hundreds of beautiful art materials.

An important thing about using technology with young children is to remember that devices like the iPad can do much more than occupy your child. Here at appoLearning we encourage you to use this technology and the above mentioned apps to engage with your child, create something together and learn alongside each other.

These five apps are amazing at fostering a creative spirit in kids, no matter where their gifts lie.

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