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About the Apps


These five apps introduce toddlers to meaningful educational content while in the comfort of a loved one's lap. While the very young need tremendous exposure to rich language away from the screen, we endorse and recommend these selections as they offer healthy introductions to the technology that they are so motivated to experience.

Very young children are learning at lightning fast speeds, and apps like the ones above provide great opportunity to sit together and experience joy in learning new concepts. Shortstack has done a beautiful job of teaching early concepts like counting in Splish Splash Inn, identifying animals in Photo Safari HD and learning about things that go in Stop and Go. It is clear they understand what children are looking for to stay engaged and also that they understand what parents have for expectations for their child's learning experiences.

As for the gem that Little Bit Studio has created with Bugs and Numbers? The graphics, sound, and animation are unlike any other app we've seen for the youngest learners - not to mention the unique games and puzzles they have put together to begin your child's life long journey with numbers.

Sometimes an app has a hidden feature and offers an unintended consequence that we sometimes even wonder if the developer had planned. Such is the case with Count and Write Numbers 1-30. Read the review to find out just what they did that was so great!

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