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Classic card-matching game with Latin vocabulary
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SPQR is the must-have portable dictionary and library for Latin students.
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Build vocabulary with this Latin matching game
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Classic Hangman with Latin vocabulary
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Latin grammar and vocabulary quizzes

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Latin is one of the lesser-taught languages these days, and this unfortunate fact is reflected in the limited selection of apps for the beginner Latin student. But thankfully, the majority of those few that are found are of excellent quality, and provide for engaging education and fun.

For the middle school student, beginning Latin in a classroom setting is ideal. Our recommended apps can augment the learning experience, and provide for excellent study activities. Most of these apps focus on vocabulary and parsing (save SPQR); exercises concerning syntax can be found with the more advanced High School Latin apps. The following provide basic lessons and drilling exercises,all presented on fun and appealing interfaces.

SPQR is an invaluable app that Latin students can use their very first day of delving into basic vocabulary, as well as every subsequent day in their entire language experience. The middle schooler will find the dictionary, flashcards, and grammar quiz particularly useful and customizable to their level.

An app to help build the student's lexicon is Latin Pairs, which takes on the popular card flip-and-match memory game. With this game, each pair consists of an illustration and its corresponding Latin noun. By engaging in different recall exercises at once, this game proves to be very useful and enjoyable.

Latin Match is another vocabulary game matching illustrations and their words, though this time selecting from a word bank, as well as racing against the clock, striving to retain given lives.

Latin Hangman, based on another classic game, involves guesswork for the first few letters, then prompts students to recall and refine their Latin spelling skills. This is a good game to use in the classroom with multiple students as well.

LatinTester is a simple grammar and vocabulary quiz app appropriate for the middle school level, offering word-definition matching, to conjugation identification. In the format of multiple choice, students can test their present knowledge or study the grammar guides that accompany every question.

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  • carrie691:

    LOVE the Latin hangman idea! My kids both take latin and they are going to LOVE that app! Thank you appolearning!

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