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Everyday Skills is an essential app for transitioning high schoolers
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Build safety skills with Living Safely
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Everyday Social Skills builds those critical how-to life skills.
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Shopping independently is a breeze with Grocery Gadget.
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Quick Cues provides social scripts for new situations

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This list of five apps serve to build independence in critical life skills. These skills include social conversations, navigating through various environments, and living independently while transitioning out of high school. The work must happen earlier for individuals with disabilities.

For reasons described in this section, these are the best five apps for high school students with special needs to continue their learning journey outside of the classroom.

Everyday Social Skills HD teaches basic social skills in different environments in a multimedia format. Customize learning based on individual needs.

Everyday Skills provides step-by-step lessons on everyday skills from cooking to cleaning to riding a bus. The simple-to-use interface will appeal to a wide audience and builds independence easily.

Living Safely provides step-by-step animated lessons on living safely in a variety of environments. From internet safety to sun safety and more, the lessons build independence and can be repeated for maximum effect.

Shopping is a breeze with Free Grocery List. Use the camera to take pictures or barcode scans of items to build a truly personalized list that makes sense and builds those critical independent skills!

Lastly, Quick Cues is a great social script app that provides conversational cues on the go for a variety of situations.

All of these apps strive to build independence and success in the most critical stage of life, the transitional stage from school to home and beyond.

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