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Toca Doctor lets kids play doctor and have fun!
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Counting and learning about currency is a roaring good time with Jungle Coins!
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Learning expectations in any environment is easy with Model Me Going Places 2
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Stories2Learn is an app for social stories, digital storytelling, and more!

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From counting coins, to going to the doctor, to getting a haircut, elementary school-aged kids with special needs often approach seemingly routine activities in unique and creative ways.

The five apps we showcase help special needs kids prepare for these type of activities, while teach more timeless lessons along the way. While we are recommending them with special needs in mind, they are all applicable and enjoyable for any child of this age.

Kiss the owies with Toca Doctor HD, where children can pretend to be the doctor and cure ailments, identify body parts, and play with engaging puzzles.

Feeling hungry? Stop by Toca Store, where the purchases are plenty, the prices are up to the imagination, and sharing is a must. Two-player play is the deal with this app, which fosters collaboration.

Move along to counting and identifying coins with Jungle Coins, a truly engaging, cute app that builds on prior knowledge as children progress through the levels of the app.

Model Me Going Places 2 is a great out of the box app that uses social scripts for children who struggle with various social situations, such as getting a haircut.

Last but not least is Stories2Learn, which is a powerful digital storytelling app that can be used for social stories, picture schedules, and social scripts.

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