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While there are a ton of apps that will teach classroom skills for students with special needs, the focus of this list for elementary school-aged students is primarily based on literacy skills. The reason that these apps were chosen for elementary school students is because they address several key gap areas for students with special needs. Whether it be phonemic awareness, decoding, generating ideas for writing, or letter reversals, these five apps help to support these weaknesses in a fun, engaging way.

Letter Reflex addresses letter reversals in a fun, meaningful way for children. In the two games, Tilt It and Flip It, they use either tilting or swiping actions to change the direction of the letter to the correct position. Correctly positioned letters are highlighted in yellow, and the progress is tracked for parents.

Use Word Wizard to make words with your child, or provide your child with opportunities to practice common words in a fun way. It is charming, well designed, and with its customizable features, empowering for kids.

Bob Books builds on literacy skills from the word to sentence level, weaving everyday words into a delightful story. Reinforcement with errorless learning make this wonderful app also a parent and teacher favorite.

Rainbow Sentences helps children construct sentences and understand the structure of sentences. The app creates a good balance between the structured world of grammar and an exploratory, multi-sensory approach helps children to become proficient at receptive and expressive vocabulary.

Lastly, spark your child's imagination with Toontastic, where children can create their own story in a truly unique way! Guiding story structure along with great narrative play in action help kids to display their very fruitful imaginations.

This list of apps will help to build literacy and writing skills in children with special needs, but will also work well for any child that is working on building literacy skills.

Look for more lists that will engage elementary school students with special needs in the future!

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