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Advance math computational skills with Math Evolve!
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SentenceBuilderTeen helps teenagers understand sentence structure without feeling remedial.
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Learning about science can be fun!
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Abilipad is more than a writing program, it's a custom keyboard for iPad.
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Accessible content is the key with Read2Go

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About the Apps


As children's needs change, so do the function of the apps that are needed for the iPad. This list of apps not only help to build on some key foundational skills that are needed in the Middle School, but also create opportunities for access to the general curriculum in a multimedia way.

Here is why we recommend these five above all others.

Math Evolve Lite builds computational literacy in a fast-paced game environment that keeps kids engaged and zapping equations left and right. Top the high score, grow, and learn while having fun!

SentenceBuilderTeen works on sentence proficiency in a programmatic manner that's appealing to teenagers. While many of the sentence building apps are geared for younger children, SentenceBuilderTeen is made especially for older children in mind that struggle with sentence proficiency.

Get your science on with Science 360, a fun and engaging app that leverages the power of images and video to illustrate scientific topics that are current. This app is a great reference source and different way to present content.

Abilipad builds writing proficiency with a powerful word prediction engine and capabilities to tap into the online keyboard layouts that truly customize writing for the more proficient to struggling writers.

Lastly, Read2Go is the app from the folks at Bookshare that brings content in an accessible format. With text-to-speech, highlighted text, content, textbooks, and books for pleasure can be instantly downloaded and accessed.

All of these apps lead to improved access for children with disabilities, which contributes to success in all environments!

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  • 2boyfamily:

    do not understand this category why are there math science and writing apps here instead of in the math etc. cateogries does not make sense

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