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There are a lot of programmers making a lot of money building iPad and other mobile applications. Ironically, there aren’t many apps that reliably teach the subject at hand - particularly for High School students.

Perhaps the best developers don't want to give away all of their secrets. There are whole series of apps that deliver text book content through iPads, but not many that allow students to explore and discover, giving them that “aha!” moment when the light bulb lit as they explore the dynamic contents.

The apps we showcase encourage students to explore and try things out themselves. Unlike many of the computer science apps we recommend for elementary school and middle school students, most apps geared toward High Schoolers and adult learners don't require gamification to be appealing.

Having visually appealing apps along with good pedagogy is always a challenge. Some of the apps reviewed here are not the best looking, but they do get the job done.

The two apps that combine a little bit of fun with rigorous lessons are Circuit Coder and Codea.

Khan Academy each day introduces new and interesting topics for its video tutorials. The official iPad app is a great resource for aspiring programers.

Two rather dry but highly informative apps worth downloading are Java Programming Language and Computer Science MIS & Networking by WAGmob.

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