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There are not many computer science apps available, and even fewer that deliver targeted content to middle school students. However, there is a trend moving forward for more game-based learning in this subject, and we found a few solid ones in the field. These are the five best within a category that will no doubt greatly expand.

The trick for any application that teaches computer programming to aspiring teen and pre-teen engineers is to provide fun and engaging experiences.

Apps such as Cargo-Bot, TinkerBox and Move the Turtle all do a good job integrating game-based learning with very technical concepts.

These three are particularly fun to use, while also allowing learning to be achieved either explicitly or implicitly during the gameplay. Depending on how quickly your kid "gets it", some of these apps may require educator supervision. Guidance will help make sure that students make the necessary connection between the gameplay, game objective and their learning.

Some of the games can be used for study support either prior to or after the lesson. They can also help students reinforce their learning and explore further through guided discovery or other pedagogical approaches.

Kodable provides an unusually complete learning and teaching package for parents who want to support their children in learning to code. A great introduction to coding for free and a superb package after buying a single in-app purchase.

Hopscotch HD Visual Programming for Kids is a fabulous app that really shows kids how programming works and can be customized. The developers are passionate about teaching coding and making it enjoyable, as they fully appreciate the need for young students to be proficient in computer science.

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