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About the Apps


With apps like the five listed here, your children will be drawn to the alphabet and will astound you with their new knowledge in no time!

Children often notice the letters in their name first which is a very good thing. Building the foundation of letter names and sounds prior to the start of school will mean your child is ready to hit the ground running (or reading). What better way to expose your child to this information than five vetted apps that are all quite different but high in quality? There are a lot of duds out there, so here we are doing the work for you.

Start by introducing the letters in a comical way with Endless Alphabet, and listen to the rich language and vocabulary the developers so masterfully included! Now that your child has several favorite letters, sit together and explore what Word Wizard has up its sleeve. This app isn't just for readers, but for letter learners as well.

Next, see all that Starfall has put together to create a unique experience with each letter, combining games, songs, and photographs to help your child become one with the alphabet.

abc PocketPhonics is a great phonics app that works well on the small screen of an iPhone. It shows children letter sounds as it asks them to form words after tracing each letter. Parents will find that it is easy to track their child’s progress over multiple levels with a quick peek at the app.

To top all this new knowledge off open up Reading Raven, and prepare to be amazed as your child matches, writes, and sorts the letters at the most basic level and blends, segments, and spells at the most advanced level of the app.

These educational apps make learning meaningful, exciting and individualized for your young learner!

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