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Calculus is math in motion, and in many ways awakens the curious mind. When points, lines, and curves start to move, it makes math more applicable to the world around us. If taught correctly, calculus could be the springboard to a wide variety of careers in physics, astronomy, aerospace engineering, and several others.

In this section, we cite apps that serve as intros to calculus and pre-calculus, which is often taken in the junior or senior years of high school. Graphing polynomials, sin, cos, tangent, square root, absolute, and other functions becomes essential in order to visualize movement of points on the coordinate plane.

The toolbox of calculus apps consists of calculator apps, reference apps, and teaching apps. Reading about concepts and definitions is important, but acquiring a true understanding of these basic concepts and definitions is critical. That is why we recommend these apps among many serviceable options.

Calca is a new entry to the App Store that provides a fresh take on calculations and math problems. It helps students develop problem solving skills by requiring them to think about domain (inputs, variables) and ranges (outputs). Using written English to represent problems, students will learn how to relate real world situations to mathematics.

Wolfram Calculus Course Assistant is an app that will support new calculus students and perform any calculation they are likely to encounter. The calculation engine by Wolfram Alpha is excellent, but this app's interface is specifically tailored to high school calculus so it's easy for students to quickly access the help they need.

After becoming familiar with the basics, one may want to check-out Pre-Calculus to test definitions and conceptual understanding, just as you would refer to a text book. You will quickly be directed to the desired category, a series of well-documented procedures and examples that will assist the student navigate through these important topics.

Of course, any calculator used for calculus requires more than add, subtract, multiply and divide buttons. The best and most comprehensive calculator for this topic is Solve - A calculator like no other.

The final app is Math Pro, which boasts an extremely professional approach to solving the problems recently learned and practiced. By filling in the missing data for given inputs to a function, the calculator reveals the solution along with an explanation, if necessary.

Using these recommended calculus apps will provide great home-practice sessions that every student needs in order to excel in math class.

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