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High school students are faced with so many challenges and transitions. The following list of apps serve to create opportunities for access for children and young adults with disabilities in high school. Accessibility is so important when talking about children and young adults with disabilities, and these apps are built with this in mind.

They are the best of a thankfully growing number of apps that appeal to advanced students with special needs.

iBooks has some great accessibility features built into the app. With speaking text, highlight, and note taking, reading books on a device is much easier.

Wolfram Alpha is the go to app for reference. Having the tools at the fingertips is so important. Want to know about the Hindenberg? Wolfram Alpha provides great information!

Khan Academy is a powerful video tutorial app that explicitly teaches concepts in mathematics and science. The tutorials are perfect for students that require pre-teaching or re-teaching.

vBookz PDF Voice Reader US gives existing teacher content that is in PDF form new life. The built in text-to-speech engine allows for PDF files to be read with natural sounding voices. Accessibility has never been easier.

Lastly, Shakespeare in Bits brings the complexity of Shakespearean language into the 21st century. New life is breathed into classics such as Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Othello with multi-media representation, dictionary, and opportunities to stop and think about what the play is about. It's simply amazing.

Access to content, access to information lead to independence, and these five apps do just that for high school students with disabilities.

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  • Beth Rose:

    I don't get it why is the Shakespeare app in this category and not in literature

  • Beth Rose:

    I don't get it why is the Shakespeare app in this category and not in literature

  • Beth Rose:

    I don't get it why is the Shakespeare app in this category and not in literature

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