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Comprehensive conjugation app for both students and native speakers.
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The best French-English Dictionary available for iDevices.

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High school students learning French are expected to know more than simple vocabulary and how to conjugate sentences. French apps for high school learning need to reinforce comprehension, and train students to speak the language in everyday life.

These five selections, while also being the highest scoring, also represent multiple approaches to teaching this beautiful language.

For this stage of learning, students need reference materials. Larousse, Robert, and Bescherelle are the gold standards in French speaking countries and come in dozens of varieties. If the selected apps are either too advanced or too easy, be sure to check out the publishers' other offerings.

To begin, students are going to need a French-English dictionary. The Larousse English / French dictionary is very dependable. The smart search function doesn’t just auto-complete, but offers suggestions for similar words. The app has native pronunciation for both the specific word, as well as several common phrases.

High school is also time to invest in a French-French dictionary and there are a few great options. Le Petit Robert and Dictionnaire Illustré Larousse meet every academic standard and they both fill their apps with extras to enhance and encourage student engagement.

Larousse offers dictionary definitions with illustrations, along with a world atlas, short biographies of important French figures, a thesaurus, common proverbs and colloquialisms and a few learning games with both beginner and expert settings. The app is simple to navigate and very inviting.

Bescherelle Conjugaison HD is probably the least fun (but lightest) book French students always carry. It’s very important. French grammar has so many tenses that even native speakers have a hard time keeping them straight. Le Bescherelle has a single function – help students conjugate everything in every tense.

Finally we chose 7 Petit Mots (7 Little Words) (also available in English as 7 Little Words in the App Store) because it’s one of best word games on iOS with a French version in the US store. It’s simple in premise, easy to correct mistakes, has no time limit, and hopefully provides a fun diversion from all the work.

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