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About the Apps


It is an unfortunate fact that many natural-born US citizens could not pass a citizenship test if given one today. It is another unfortunate fact that American civics and government apps are hard to come by. But both of these can be improved by the quality apps presented here, as they offer comprehensive and engaging instruction in being an informed student and/or citizen.

By senior year, many high school students will be turning 18, the age when American citizens are allowed to vote. This fact alone should prompt students to investigate these apps, which explore history, politics, and legal process. Or perhaps it's the classroom that leads students to seek out these tools. Either way, the following apps can provide full instruction on the subject. They are the best available in thin crop of choices.

Presidents PRO provides a substantial encyclopedia on each of the presidents, with personal and political information. Through a substantial variety of quizzes, users are tested on the traditional skill of memorizing all 44 in chronological order.

Pocket Justice is the true companion to one investigating the Judicial Branch. Every Supreme Court case is outlined and expounded upon, from 1783 to 2013.

After having surveyed these major documents, students can begin testing themselves on the material with Brainscape's U.S. Government flashcard app. Eight decks of flashcards, each on a different sub-topic, run through hundreds of questions that hone the student's understanding and recall of the information.

The U.S. Citizenship 2013 app contains all 100 possible questions asked on the federally-issued test for residents applying for citizenship. These questions should be a breeze after combing through the previous apps, and assist in keeping the essentials in mind. When high schoolers pass this test, they can be confident they stand knowledgeable about their civil rights and their state's and nation's goings-ons.

Last but not least we have the McGraw-Hill study app for the AP US Government & Politics test, which high schoolers can take to earn college credit. An alternative and/or supplement to the weighty textbooks, students use this app to study this subject on the university level.

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