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U.S. history class at the high school level is not only required for graduation, but can even earn college credit if taken in preparation for the AP Exam. It’s time, then, to get apps that are serious about the 250-odd years that have shaped us.

We assume at this level that students know their presidents and have a passing acquaintance with the major wars and eras, the branches of government and seminal moments. Accordingly, we are showcasing five apps that delve deeper. At the same time, we are balancing the list with apps that are both fact-dense, but also user-friendly and engaging.

In any event, these are the five apps U.S. History for this particular age group.

On the drier end, we have two apps that may not have lots of interaction or bells and whistles, but do provide essential information. Manual for the United States of America 2nd Edition is packed with all the most important documents in US history from the Declaration of independence to The Patriot Act. The app includes writings by the greatest American thinkers, as well as details about the three branches of government and all 50 states.

For AP (or final exam) test preparation, we recommend AP U.S. History 5 Steps to a 5. Publisher McGraw-Hill really understands how to extend its textbook expertise to mobile media. The app provides not just the facts to memorize, but a complete plan of action for students trying to cram over 200 years of information into their heads for use on one very stressful day.

On the more interactive end, we endorse Civil War Interactive, American Revolution interactive Timeline, and Cold war for iPad. Each of these selections offer compelling interactive features and fact-rich looks at these key chapters in the American story.

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