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This is a clear favorite among chemistry students and their teachers!
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This app is based on the popular desktop chemical publishing application by the same name.
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This app is one of the 1st & most famous multimedia "Coffee Table Books" on an educational topic.
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This is one of the better and heavier content Periodic Table of Elements Apps.

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Chemistry is a very abstract subject area that addresses the foundational concepts of matter at a molecular, atomic and even subatomic level. Everything that we see, taste, touch, smell, and even hear is based on chemical activity. Yet the study of chemistry drills down to the smallest structural units of matter – units that typically are too small to observe without very expensive equipment.

So the study of chemistry involves building mental structures of hierarchy, composition and properties of very small pieces of matter. It is the mastery of a new language and the literacy of models and metaphors for what (at its most basic level) is intangible.

Chemistry involves not only models and hiearchies, but relationships, predicting cause and effect and balancing the before and after. As noted in other science disciplines, the apps available for chemistry may fall in one or more of several categories: Reference, Exploratory, Modelling, or Practice/Rehearsal type apps.

A large part of the learning cycle in this subject area (as well as others) is where the student collects, validates, organizes and synthesizes their personal understanding from many sources and many mediums. This section of app reviews will include only apps that are specific to the subject area of chemistry, but also recognize that additional apps should be considered that empower the chemistry student to report on or communicate their understanding of chemistry.

With that in mind, we like Mahjong Chem the best as it incorporates many of these concepts within the prism of a fun, ancient game.

Fans of the popular ChemDoodle desktop application will not be disappointed with ChemDoodle Mobile, which allows students to reinforce their understanding of molecules through (hi tech) sketching.

Think it's impossible to have replicate a virtual chemistry lab on your iPad? Try Chemist and discover for yourself.

Finally, we recommend two periodic tables. The Elements: A Visual Exploration is an entertaining and accessible app for all students and others interested in chemistry. Visual Chemistry Pro HD is more serious in nature, and an excellent reference for students.

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