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Washington D.C. by KIDS DISCOVER
A fun and trivia filled trip through the our nation's capitol

Why we love this app

Kids Discover is a company well known to teachers for their classroom tools and catalogs. They do a great job here bringing the Capitol to life for students of many ages, but particularly in the middle school age range. The app is filled with great facts, trivia, activities, and a quiz.

What it teaches and how it works

While it is traditional for many middle school students to visit D.C., this app can supplement that trip or make for a reasonable facsimile for students who can't visit. The story of our capitol and it's famous institutions is told in a visual and interactive way, designed to appeal to students with different learning styles. The visuals are the calling card, but the reading is also well done. One neat feature is listening the Declaration of Independence as an audio file; the app is full of these little treats to deepen the learning experience. The Smithsonian, Supreme Court, and the story of the city's design are covered as well. The chaptered format also makes it very easy for teachers to lesson plan around.

Why your kid won't be able to put it down

3-D tours of the Capitol, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial are what will draw students in, but its the quizzes (which range from easy to challenging) and trivia told through amusing characters that keep them coming back. The app might collect dust on the iPads of older students after the first few trips.

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Well-suited to age group dot dot dot
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