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SAT Writing - powered by Brainscape
SAT Writing is the best way to get ready for this challenging portion of the SAT
Publisher: Bold Learning Solutions, Inc.

Why we love this app

This app is the perfect tool for any high school student who wants to do well in the SAT writing section. With process training, strategy advice, and direct instruction, this app is sure to help improve scores on the SAT Writing section.

What it teaches and how it works

This app uses flashcards, strategy tips, sample questions, help with paragraph structures, and other tricks and tools to help improve your score. The app is designed with a scientifically proven algorithm to ensure that flashcards are as helpful as possible. It also helps with essay time management and sample prompts.

Why your kid won't be able to put it down

This app provides tons of statistics and feedback so your student can see growth right away. It's strategies are proven and designed specifically to help with this difficult area of the test. It's easy to navigate and incredibly helpful, plus it's cheaper and more fun than other SAT prep apps.

appoLearning Report Card
Educational Content
Features specific educational objectives dot dot dot
Fosters critical thinking dot dot dot
Adapts to kids' skill level dot dot empty dot
Kid Appeal
Intellectually stimulating for children dot dot dot
Instructions are clear and simple dot dot dot
Well-suited to age group dot dot dot
Assesses progress and proficiency dot dot empty dot
Parents and teachers can assess progress dot dot dot
Features and Design
Unique in its concept, design and approach dot dot dot
Engaging design and repeatable content dot dot empty dot
Excellent value for price dot dot dot
Doesn't require additional in-app spending dot dot dot
Safety and Privacy
Doesn't expose kids to external services or advertisers dot dot dot
Doesn't ask for personal data dot dot dot

Report Card Methodology

Our experts evaluate apps based on factors such as educational efficacy, kid appeal and privacy.

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