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Math Pro
Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Calculus - all in one great app!
Publisher: Larry Feldman

Why we love this app

This app is easy to use and makes hard concepts understandable. The use of colors, tutorials, and the help pages (by pressing "t" markers) makes this professional app an essential addition to any math education. By referencing all lower level math subjects, it serves as a comprehensive reminder to past definitions, relationships, and theorems. Love at first sight!

What it teaches and how it works

Math Pro contains basic formulas, concepts, and definitions -- all illustrated in well-done, easy to read screens (which in some cases, flip to backup screens for additional detail). Clear illustrations ordered by intuitive categories help to crystalize basic math concepts and leads to mastery of the subject.

Why your kid won't be able to put it down

Without Math Pro, the world is a lonely place. With Math Pro at the student's fingertips, almost all relevant math facts are quickly retrievable and easy to understand. Note: this app is designed for iPhones, but works well on iPads.

appoLearning Report Card
Educational Content
Features specific educational objectives dot dot dot
Fosters critical thinking dot dot dot
Adapts to kids' skill level dot dot dot
Kid Appeal
Intellectually stimulating for children dot dot dot
Instructions are clear and simple dot dot dot
Well-suited to age group dot dot dot
Assesses progress and proficiency dot dot empty dot
Parents and teachers can assess progress dot empty dot empty dot
Features and Design
Unique in its concept, design and approach dot dot dot
Engaging design and repeatable content dot dot dot
Excellent value for price dot dot dot
Doesn't require additional in-app spending dot dot dot
Safety and Privacy
Doesn't expose kids to external services or advertisers dot dot dot
Doesn't ask for personal data dot dot dot

Report Card Methodology

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