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Discover Your Body HD
Explore, assemble, and color the human body.
Publisher: ClearVision Sp. z o.o.

Why we love this app

Discover Your Body HD is colorful, kid-friendly, and intuitive app for children. Without much assistance they will explore the human body from the biceps to the trachea to the spinal cord. Detailed models are age appropriate, and there is enough variety to keep children engaged. The sound effects are perfect for reinforcing content without being too noisy.

What it teaches and how it works

This app lets students explore, assemble, and color the human body. Students will explore different systems of the body by tapping for more information and reading or listening to audio support. Discover Your Body HD has games for assembling body parts into a cartoon girl or body. Children can also move parts of the human body to their correct spots to demonstrate their understanding.

Why your kid won't be able to put it down

Children will love to explore the human body in cartoons of people their size. The clean graphics and the menu of options are perfect for students. The games are easy to play but involved enough to keep the attention of older elementary school students. With plenty of activities and interactive items to explore, this app will have a great shelf life with your kids.

appoLearning Report Card
Educational Content
Features specific educational objectives dot dot dot
Fosters critical thinking dot dot dot
Adapts to kids' skill level dot empty dot empty dot
Kid Appeal
Intellectually stimulating for children dot dot dot
Instructions are clear and simple dot dot dot
Well-suited to age group dot dot dot
Assesses progress and proficiency dot dot empty dot
Parents and teachers can assess progress dot dot empty dot
Features and Design
Unique in its concept, design and approach dot dot dot
Engaging design and repeatable content dot dot dot
Excellent value for price dot dot dot
Doesn't require additional in-app spending dot dot dot
Safety and Privacy
Doesn't expose kids to external services or advertisers dot dot dot
Doesn't ask for personal data dot dot dot

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